Pulkit Batra

Compliance Engineer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Proud class of 2020 | Started a job during COVID-19 pandemic

M.Sc. Automotive Engineering RWTH

B.Tech Mechanical & Automotive Engineering DTU

Detailed CV: Available on request via Email

Email: contact(at)pulkitbatra(dot)com, pulkitbatra12(at)

  • Lithium-Ion Battery for EV Applications: Design, Development, Testing and Simulation, Manufacturing, Production, Safety
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Design, Modelling, Simulation, Drive, Component Packaging, Range extension, Testing, Benchmark
  • Vehicle Safety: Occupant protection, injury prevention, pedestrian safety, NCAP (National Car Assessment Program), crash testing, crash prevention systems, crash simulation, vehicle and component testing, driver assistance systems
  • Autonomous vehicles, associated vehicle technologies, Intelligent Driver Assistance and Vehicle Guidance, Sensors
  • Thermomanagement: Modelling, Simulation, Model-based development, Prototype Construction, Vehicle integration

RWTH Aachen University, Germany, Aachen

M.Sc., Automotive Engineering, (March’20)

  • Thesis Title: “Modeling of an automotive 21700 Li-Ion battery cell by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with emphasis on relaxation”
  • Supervisors: Mr. Torsten Hering (ZF Friedrichshafen AG), Mr. Francesco Maltoni (PEM-RWTH Aachen University)
  • Examiners: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker MBA, Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Heiner Hans Heimes

Delhi Technological University, India, DL

B.Tech, Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, (July’16)

  • Thesis Title: “Fabrication of Al6061 T6 hybrid composite reinforced with FeMWCNT (Multi-walled Carbon Nano-Tubes Iron Filled) and alumina (Al2O3) via Friction stir processing”
  • Supervisor: Dr. V Jeganathan Arul Moni (Associate Professor, DTU)
  • Examiner: Prof. R. S. Mishra (DTU)
EXPERIENCE (Job, Research, Internships)

ZF Friedrichshafen AG,  Germany, Friedrichshafen

  • Product Risk Compliance Expert (01.2023-Present)

RLE Mobility GmbH & Co. KG,  Germany, Munich

  • Development Engineer, Lithium-Ion Battery Engineering (08.2020-12.2022)
  • Project Engineer, Lithium-Ion Battery Engineering (07.2020-08.2020)

ZF Friedrichshafen AG,  Germany, Friedrichshafen

  • Master Thesis, Lithium-Ion Battery Engineering (09.2019-03.2020)
  • Internship, Lithium-Ion Battery Engineering (04.2019-09.2019)

Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components-RWTH Aachen University,  Germany, Aachen

  • Master Thesis, Lithium-Ion Battery Engineering (09.2019-03.2020)
  • Research, Battery Engineering: Lithium Ion Battery (07.2017-03.2019)

FEV Europe GmbH,  Germany, Aachen

  • Research, Diesel Engine Testing, TC Screening, Combustion Analyses, Biofuels Synthesis (05.2017-07.2017)
  • Internship, Diesel Engine Testing, Engine Test Bench Procedures, EGR Variations, Combustion Analyses (11.2016-05.2017)

Mechanical Engineering Materials Lab, Delhi Technological University, India DL

  • Research, Fabrication of Al6061 T6 hybrid composite reinforced with FeMWCNT (Multi walled Carbon Nano-Tubes Iron Filled) and alumina (Al2O3) via Friction stir processing (06.2015-06.2016)
  • Research, Fabrication of Al6082 T0 composite reinforced with FeMWCNT (Multi walled Carbon Nano-Tubes) via Friction stir processing (01.2015-05.2015)

Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in Automotive Engineering Lab, Delhi Technological University, India DL

  • Research, The Potential use of hydrogen as a fuel (01.2016-05.2016)
  • Research, Study and development of RCCI Engine: Utilises both petrol and diesel simultaneously to generate a gross thermal efficiency of 55 % with minimal NOx emissions (08.2014–12.2014)
  • Research, Automotive Fuel Injection Systems: Study, development, modification and practical application of Fuel Injection systems and spray techniques (01.2014– 05.2014)
  • Research, Properties of Hydrogen and its potential utilization in S.I. Engines: Study of Hydrogen fuel, combustion and it’s utilisation in S.I. engines (08.2013– 12.2013)
  • Research, Fuel Cell Vehicles: Study of Fuel Cell Vehicles and potential utilisation of fuel cell technology in Automotive Industry to develop and standardise emission free technology (01.2013– 04.2013)

General Motors India Pvt. Ltd. , India, Gujarat

  • Summer Engineering Intern, General Assembly (06.2015 – 08.2015)

ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology), India, Haryana

  • Winter Engineering (R&D) Intern, Components and Materials Evaluation Lab (12.2014 – 01.2015)

National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., India, U.P.

  • Summer Engineering Intern, R&D Center (06.2014 – 07.2014)

AIESEC (International Association for Students in Economics and Commercial Sciences) Russia, Russian Federation, Ufa

  • Project Manager & Global Intern, Sunshine Project (June 2013 – July 2013)
  • ESOP 2018 Award. “FISITA-EuroBrake Student Opportunities Programme 2018”, March 2018
  • ESOP 2017 Award. “FISITA-EuroBrake Student Opportunities Programme 2017”, March 2017
  • DTU Merit Scholarship Award. “1st Position-Semester VII”, January 2016
  • DTU Merit Scholarship Award. “2nd Position”, Semesters: IV-2014, VI-2015, VIII-2016 (Annual)
  • Department of Education Delhi, “Academic Performance Award”, January 2013-15 (Annual)
  • BSNL India. “Academic Book Award”, August 2007-15. (Annual)

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