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Český Krumlov: Travel Diary!

Czech Republic has been really good, I visited it twice in one fortnight. The first trip was to Prague, check out that blog here if you haven’t.

1) Getting there: We rented out two cars for a group of 10, it’s a 7-hour drive from Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Tip: You can refuel your vehicle on your way back in CZ itself, just to save some fuel costs.
The final split-up of costs for travel (car & fuel) came around to be 85 EUR per person.

2) Getting around:
The town is quite small, getting around is best and recommended by foot. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site which has around 300 well preserved medieval buildings having a blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles.

3) Accommodation:
We stayed at Travel Hostel, Krumlov which is quite close to the city centre, it’s very good for the price. A stay for two nights costs 35,50 EUR per person. (You can also pay in EUR, otherwise, the usual CZK and cards are not accepted!)
Parking at the destination: You can park your car safe at Eggenberg brewery and while checking out at the hostel pay for the parking costs. 2 nights for parking costed: 500 CZK (20 EUR) per vehicle.

4) Currency exchange:
Although most of the places accept cards, I still kept a little CZK or EUR on me (just in case). I was using the TransferWise Borderless Card, the conversion price was the same as on Google (both for POS payments and withdrawals).

5) Rafting at Vltava River:
Summer is here and who doesn’t love rafting. We rented out two raft boats for 6 h, it costed 340 CZK (13,6 EUR) per person. Price includes transport to the starting point and rafting gear.
You can rent one out at either of rafting Krumlov or Maleček Rafting & Canoe. Reservation is recommended.
Even though the waters were a little calm at the start, but as soon as we went downstream it started getting exciting. In the end, it poured cats and dogs, so we got drenched and enjoyed the last run paddling to the endpoint. Btw, if you get greeted by a passing boat with “Ahoy!”, don’t fear your vessel is not being taken over by pirates but it’s just a welcome greeting there, smile and greet ’em back with a jolly “Ahoy!”.
Between checkpoints 5 & 6 there’s a place where you can dock your boat and grab a meal. This place only accepts cash (both CZK and EUR). Along the rafting trail, you can get a beer or cider from the little fancy mobile bars.


Credits for this shot to Lord Hynes who went balancing all the way against the flow!

6) Pictures:
Sharing a few clicks from the trip. The rest you can check it out on Instagram: @pulkitbatra1994



Panoramic Krumlov






Another one with my Fellas
(“I address you all tonight for who you truly are: wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians. You are the true dreamers.” ~ Brian Selznick)


Renaissance festival


Krumlov Castle in the night


City view from the castle

7) Nightlife:
Krumlov was beautiful in the night, I didn’t face any problem pertaining to safety during the night. It was just as good during the day.
City Lounge is a must visit. If in case you will be trying the fire shots, a tip: don’t raise the glasses for cheers because chances are you are very likely to set your hands and everything else on fire.

8) Food:
Well do try out the Czech beer by the Vltava river In Krumlov, there’s one Eggenberg brewery, and most of the restaurants do serve that beer. It goes best with traditional goulash.

9) Prague vs. Krumlov
Each city has its own charm, unlike Prague which is always bustling with tourists, Krumlov was very calm and peaceful in the night and had quite less number of tourists. During the day, there were an ample number of tourists as Krumlov was hosting the Renaissance festival during that weekend. More details about such festivals can be obtained from the Travel Hostel as well as tourist information websites.

Have fun and enjoy your time in Krumlov!
Love always <3

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ~ Gustave Flauberttion